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Micro Shorts



Micro Shorts - Films Under 5 Minutes
Poster 0464fb4e7d-poster.jpg

When Christ-loving eight year old GRACIE startles awake to a loud BANG, she assumes it's just mom and stepdad at it again downstairs. But a blood-curdling scream suggests something more sinister, so Gracie grabs a flashlight and heads to the landing to investigate. She gazes in terror at the sight of her mother's body hacked into a grizzly pile of gore. Her stepfather locks eyes with her, ax in hand. Gracie flees to the sanctuary of her room. Rather than fight back physically, Gracie desperately calls upon Jesus to banish the evil from her house.

Country - United States

Language - English

Originally from San Diego, Stellan moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA where he graduated with a degree in history and film. He worked at ICM Partners before joining Chatrone LLC, where he’s currently a literary manager. He has collaborated with Disney, Fox, & Nickelodeon as well as networks & studios around the world. His last film, STRING!, played at film festivals around the world.


Stellan Kendrick - Director


Stellan Kendrick - Writer

Gloria Sandoval - Producer


Stellan Kendrick - Producer


Courtney Gains - Key Cast



Caige Coulter - Key Cast


Graham S. Wetterhahn - Executive Producer


Marcin Nadolny - Executive Producer


Joel Deutsch - Executive Producer


Julia Swain - DP

Kaitlin Hollingsworth - Editor

Sheiva Khalily - Production Design

S. Peace Nistades - Original Music by

Christopher Price is a brilliant pianist who has many fans, except during his latest concert when he loses the control of his left hand (who prefers to be known as Vincent Lee). Vincent wants the fame and glory for himself and will do whatever is necessary to steal the lime light, even if it means separating himself from the dead weight.


Student Production

Country - United Kingdom

Language - English

Director Biography - Sinead Stoddart

Sinead Stoddart is a Graduate animation student from UCA Farnham in England. She graduated in the summer of 2017. Her work currently includes two short animations completed in 2016 and a Graduation short completed in 2017, which are making their way around in the festival circuit:


“One Too Many” was Sinead’s first solo animation made whilst at UCA Farnham in the first part of her second year September-January. This stop motion has currently shown at over 40 festivals internationally since January 2016 and received nearly 20 official selection laurels, whilst winning a 3 Finalist Laurels and 5 awards internationally including "Best Use of Yarn", "Winner of Production Design for Animation" at the Portsmouth International Film Festival 2016 and "X-Tra Short Award" at Student World Awards in 2017.

“Munchies” was Sinead’s second solo animation made in the second half of her second year January-May. This animation was shown at 35 film festivals internationally since May 2016 and has already received 2 awards at Southampton Film Week, 2 Semi-Finalist laurels and 3 Finalist laurel as well as 25 official selection laurels. Sinead has also been interviewed at film festivals about her film "Munchies" and links to the interviews can be viewed here and here.

“Tone Death” was Sinead’s graduation film at UCA Farnham and the latest of her student films, which was completed in May 2017.

You can find her on social network sights such as: 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sinead_Stoddart 
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/sineadstoddart 


Sinead Stoddart - Director

Sinead Stoddart -Writer


University For the Creative Arts: Farnham -Producer


Joe Lunn - Music Composer


Joseph Fort -Voice Actor


In a dark and abandoned basement, there’s a hidden old box containing a pair of children’s shoes. They once belonged to the eight-year-old girl Emily Liebesmann who was possessed by the demon Kasdeya. On a blue moon night Kasdeya manipulates a young woman leading her to the basement only to find the old box. Once she finds and opens the box, all hell breaks loose…

Women In Horror

Country - Belgium

Language - Dutch

Ray Kermani (21.03.1979) is a Belgian film producer, screenwriter and director of Persian descent. Since his childhood, he has been a fan of the cinema and, before he was fifteen-years-old, he was out making movies with an 8mm camera. He has directed several horror films including the short film SEANCE for which he received the audience choice award for "best national short" on Moving Pictures Festival. His latest short film SHOES received the award for "best sound design" on Catharsis International Film Festival and the award for "best thriller" on Liberty Massacre Philadelphia 2018


Ray Kermani - Director

Seance, The Summoning


Ines Swinters - Writer

Seance, The Summoning


Ines Swinters - Writer

Seance, The Summoning

Ines Swinters - Producer

Seance, The Summoning

Daniel Camu - Producer


Kelly Huysman - Key Cast


Eley Vanhemelrijck - Sound


Ray Kermani - editor

Seance, The Summoning

The Mountain King - 4:45

A woman struggling with depression discovers a demonic creature in her backyard that threatens to unnerve her mental health.


Student Production

Country - Canada

Language - English

Director Biography - Kevin McGuiness

Kevin McGuiness is a Canadian artist and filmmaker who has produced a number of award-winning short films. His accolades include recognition from the Indie Short Film Competition, The American Motion Picture Society and awards from the Render This Film Festival and the Big Bear Horror Film Festival. Kevin obtained his Honours Bachelors degree in Visual Arts in 2005 from Brock University and is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at the same institution. In the future, he hopes to continue producing short films with collaborators form the Niagara Region in the genres of drama and horror.


Kevin McGuiness - Director

A Likeness In Stone


Kevin McGuiness - Writer

A Likeness In Stone


Kevin McGuiness - Producer

A Likeness In Stone

Krissy Neumann - Key Cast

The Cat

Kane Dunn - Key Cast

The Conjurer

Sophie, who has been tasked with caring for her young nephew Peter, finds herself on a deserted country road late at night. An unscheduled pit stop is suddenly interrupted by Walter, a hunter who has become the hunted, who hitches a ride at gunpoint and tells Sophie his tale of the Thousand Legged Terror, a horrifying creature said to stalk the countryside. Can Sophie trust Walter's tall tale? Can she keep Peter from the monster and the man with the gun? Which should she fear more? Or is Sophie the most ruthless of them all?


Country - Canada

Language - English


Frederic Lefebvre - Director

Home Sweet Home, Madame Bolduc

Adam Kolodny - Writer


Francesco Giannini - Producer


Florence Cassius de Linval - Key Cast


Director - Frederic Lefebvre

Frederic Lefebvre is a director and writer, known for Home Sweet Home (2015), Thousand Legged Terror (2018) and Madame Bolduc (2008). He has been married to Heather Stacey since September 14, 2013.

Poster 650379144e-poster.jpg
Inside - 1:00

There's something in the mirror!

Há algo no espelho!


¡Hay algo en el espejo!


Women In Horror

Country - Brazil

Language - English

Director Biography - Joel Caetano

Joel Caetano is a director and screenwriter of award-winning short films such as "GATO" (2009), "ENCOSTO" (2013) and "JUDAS" (2015) that have been screened at hundreds of festivals around the world. He is also one of the directors of the anthology feature "As Fábulas Negras" (2015) along with Rodrigo Aragão, Petter Baiestorf and José Mojica Marins, the eternal Coffin Joe. After being screened and awarded at several festivals, the feature is available for streaming through Itunes, Google Play and the SPACE Channel. His new film CASULOS debuted in the second half of 2017 and has toured several festivals in Brazil and the world, receiving 4 awards, Best Latin American Short Film in Montevideo Fantastic in Uruguay, Best Director at the IV Boca do Inferno Festival in São Paulo/Brazil, Best Effects Visuals at the FFF - Faina Film Festival in Brazil and Honorable Mention at the Hizantema Festival in Serbia.


Joel Caetano - Director

Gato, ENCOSTO, JUDAS, CASULOS, As Fábulas Negras


Joel Caetano - Writer

Gato, ENCOSTO, JUDAS, CASULOS, As Fábulas Negras

Mariana Zani - Producer


Joel Caetano - Key Cast “A man”

Gato, Encosto, Casulos, As Fábulas Negras, A noite do Chupacabras, Mar Negro, Mata Negra

At night, it's not just the cats that scratch the doors. 
A noite, não são só os gatos que arranham as portas. 
La noche, no son sólo los gatos que arañan las puertas.

Poster 16371dfa69-poster.jpg

Women In Horror

Country - Brazil

Language - English

Director Biography - Joel Caetano

Joel Caetano is a director and screenwriter of award-winning short films such as "GATO" (2009), "ENCOSTO" (2013) and "JUDAS" (2015) that have been screened at hundreds of festivals around the world. He is also one of the directors of the anthology feature "As Fábulas Negras" (2015) along with Rodrigo Aragão, Petter Baiestorf and José Mojica Marins, the eternal Coffin Joe. After being screened and awarded at several festivals, the feature is available for streaming through Itunes, Google Play and the SPACE Channel. His new film CASULOS debuted in the second half of 2017 and has toured several festivals in Brazil and the world, receiving 4 awards, Best Latin American Short Film in Montevideo Fantastic in Uruguay, Best Director at the IV Boca do Inferno Festival in São Paulo/Brazil, Best Effects Visuals at the FFF - Faina Film Festival in Brazil and Honorable Mention at the Hizantema Festival in Serbia.


Joel Caetano - Director

Gato, ENCOSTO, JUDAS, CASULOS, As Fábulas Negras


Joel Caetano - Writer

Gato, ENCOSTO, JUDAS, CASULOS, As Fábulas Negras

Mariana Zani - Producer


Mariana Zani - Key Cast “Woman”





The Not So Bright Vampire - 2:36

The brief tale of a not so bright but curious Vampire and his sudden awareness to pain.

Country - Australia

Language - English

Nick & Jim Zounis - Director

The Zombies trip & The Werewolf's Greatest Hit.


Nick & Jim Zounis - Writer

The Zombies trip & The Werewolf's Greatest Hit.

Nick & Jim Zounis - Producer

The Zombies trip & The Werewolf's Greatest Hit

Nick Zounis - Key Cast “Vampire character ”

The Zombies trip & The Werewolf's Greatest Hit.

Three Minutes With Angie - 5:00


Two teenagers, Paul and Sarah, break into an old abandoned house to test the myth of Angela Claremont, a woman who was supposedly killed in the location decades earlier and who haunts the dwelling.

Student Production

Country - Canada

Language - English

Kevin McGuiness is a Canadian artist and filmmaker who has produced a number of award-winning short films. His accolades include recognition from the Indie Short Film Competition, The American Motion Picture Society and awards from the Render This Film Festival and the Big Bear Horror Film Festival. Kevin obtained his Honours Bachelors degree in Visual Arts in 2005 from Brock University and is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at the same institution. In the future, he hopes to continue producing short films with collaborators form the Niagara Region in the genres of drama and horror.


Kevin McGuiness - Director



Kevin McGuiness - Writer



Kevin McGuiness - Producer


Jordan Alexander - Key Cast

A Likeness In Stone


Candice Bogdanski - Key Cast

Krissy Neumann - Key Cast

The Mountain King

Thanks For The Ride - 1:45

A normal daily outing takes a turn for the worse. 
A micro short horror film done as part of the video for photographers class at Ozark Technical Community College. 
Professor Jason Brasier designed the class as hands on. Working with the students, directing and teaching them as they film. 
"After working on the class documentary project, they wanted to do something similar. I wanted to make sure and teach them short film form and using the documentary technique we had just done seemed like the best transition. So found footage was decided on. We came up with the story as a class and went out and filmed it the next period. It was great to have them on a small set and working to get the shots and lighting needed to make it look like one continuous shot. We all had a blast."

Student Production

Country - United States

Language - English

Director Biography - Jason Brasier

Jason Brasier is the co-owner of American Wasteland Entertainment, LLC. A production company focusing on online media entertainment and film. 
A Missouri native, originally from Willow Springs, Jason developed a passion for film at an early age, but has his roots in live theater, which is where he started. He graduated from Missouri State University in 2009 with a degree in Mass Media Production and the Screenwriters Certificate. He currently resides in Springfield, Missouri where he is actively involved in film and tv production and is constantly developing and creating his own projects. 
Jason also serves as adjunct professor at both Missouri State University teaching media production and at Ozark Technical Community College where he teaches Video for Photographers.


Jason Brasier - Director

Jason Brasier  - Writer


Jason Brasier - Producer


Makenah Marshall - Key Cast


Jason Brasier - Key Cast


Jason Brasier - Story By

Brett Sterling - Story By


Nathanael Mendoza - Story By


Janet Edmonds - Story By

Jospeh Woodiel - Story By

Lindsey Sides - Story B

Negative - 2:59

Negative images invert memories. A female photographer makes a disturbing discovery and counts the cost of her own fears.

Women In Horror

Country - Italy

Language - English

Director Biography - Antonella Barbera

Antonella Barbera - Director


Antonella Barbera - Writer


Antonella Barbera - Producer


Adriana Tuzzeo - Key Cast


Lorenzo Prestipino - Key Cast

Cool Killer - 4:32

Chenyang Shu - Director


Chenyang Shu - Writer


Taja Sparks - Producer

Student Production

Country - United States

Language - English

The Wait - 1:58

A young man learns that fear manifests in mysterious ways 

Women In Horror

Student Production

Country - United States

Language - English

Director - Audrey Rogers

Audrey Rogers - Director


Audrey Rogers - Writer


Yvette Zhang - Producer


John Taylor Timmons - Key Cast

“The Waiting Man”


Calvin Bellas - Cinematographer


Dominic Wojcik - Camera Operator

Dean Liu - 1st AC


Joe Russ - 2nd AC


Lyle Michos - Gaffer


Audrey Rogers - Editor


Yvette Zhang - Production Design

Photo 4 55_copia_2.jpg

Horror is a warm, sunny day.

Women In Horror

Student Production

Country - Spain

Language - Spanish

-Director and producer of the short film “You Mean, Us", awarded at the Sundance Festival Channel Shorts with the Audience Award (march 2016). 

-Director, producer and writer of other short films like "Menhir" (2017), "In and Out" (2017) and "Party People" (2017). 

-Production assistant on the TV movie "22 Ángeles" (Miguel Bardem; 2016), co-produced by RTVE (spanish national television) and Four Luck Banana (march- april 2016). 

-Assistant director in the videoclip “Sushi en Tribunal” by “Verano”, co-produced by Walterhaus and Paul Back Music (june 2016). 

-Internship in the art department for the series "La Sonata del Silencio" (RTVE; October - november 2015). 

-Internship in the production company Apaches (march 2014).

Cristina García Zarzosa - Director

In and out, You mean us, Party People


Cristina García Zarzosa - Writer


Cristina García Zarzosa - Producer


Andrea Uriarte - Producer


Laura Postigo - Producer

Tek J. Smith - Producer


Miriam González - Key Cast


Eduardo Mangada - Director of photography


Andrea Uriarte - Art director

Heading 6

Paloma Mariscal - Other actors


Yolanda de la Hoz - Other actors


Celia Arias - Other actors


Marina Adeva - Other actors


Laura Postigo - Editor


Martha Helga - Set designer


Ángela Muhate - Sound


Laura Rodríguez López - Makeup


Duarte Eiros  - Colorist

The Tattooist - 1:20

‘The Tattooist’ studio is renowned for its remarkably crafted tattoos. But during their visits, the customers have been drugged and imprisoned with other unfortunate victims that bear his prized masterpiece. They must fight their fears and race against time to escape from The Tattooist before ending up as a victim of his morbid obsession!

Country - China

Language - English

Director Biography - Michael Wong

Michael Wong is currently working as an independent film director, after having spent 16 years as an ad agency art director and creative director. In the late 90s, he left his native Malaysia and arrived in China, where he's worked at such leading agencies as Ogilvy, BBDO, TBWA, Grey and Saatchi & Saatchi.

After more than a decade and having won over 50 creative awards, Michael decided to move onto the filmmaking scene as a writer/director with his directorial debut for Lenovo; a viral video campaign that was to be used in such markets as India, Russia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey, South Africa, South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Since then, Michael has been making the truth appealing for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Citroën, Foton Daimler, Unilever, IDO Jewelry, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Samsung and Mengniu, just to name a few. He is the kind of collaborative thinker who's especially good at expanding on little thoughts and turning them into big ideas, with a strong and steady eye on making the work look and feel fresh.

His directorial debut short film ‘The Story of 90 Coins’ picked up 60+ accolades from international film festivals; which includes the Best Direction and Best Cinematography at Malta Short Film Festival, Rising Star Awards at Canada International Film Festival, Best Foreign Short Film at Ukrainian International Short Film Festival, Best Drama and Best Cinematography at Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Foreign Short at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, among others.

Michael's works have been featured in Shots, Trendwatching and Graphis magazine. He has judged at the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards and Ad Stars Festival.

Michael Wong - Director

The Story of 90 Coins


Michael Wong - Writer

The Story of 90 Coins


Michael Wong - Producer

The Story of 90 Coins


Liu Yunsong - Producer

The Story of 90 Coins


Kong Shan - Key Cast

The Tattooist”


Lu Li - Key Cast


Miroslava Mala - Key Cast


Chase Lichtenberg - Key Cast


Simon Shiyamba - Key Cast


Mayela Magrou - Key Cast


Dan Litza - Key Cast


Li Pai Seang - Editor


VHQ Media - Post Production


Mayela Magrou - Cinematographer


Troy Sandford - Cinematographer


Krishna Hari - Camera Operator


Krishna Hari - Gaffer

Found In The Attic - Music


Li Yan - Line Producer


Troy Sandford - Assistant Director


Michael Wong - Screenplay

The Story of 90 Coins


Poster d7aff90566-poster.jpg

A woman begins receiving anonymous letters, that are simply a countdown from 5 - and with each day, hear paranoia and sense of dread escalates...

Country - United States

Language - English

Joe Leone hails from Westchester County, NY, and resides in Brooklyn. He graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in theater arts, and subsequently starred in two long-running Off-Broadway shows, The Donkey Show, directed by Diane Paulus, and Tony and Tina’s Wedding. He has written over two dozen feature screenplays, including two comedies for Triangle Entertainment. Currently in production/pre-production are Meant to Be Broken (DC Dogs), Rio Urban Legend: Witch’s Moon (EVP Films), Layers of Lies (Sonram Productions), Scherbo (Ekstasy Films), Underground (LuminouStudios) and American Dream (Dev Pinn Productions). Joe is also a copywriter at New York magazine.


Joe Leone - Director



Joe Leone - Writer

Parched, Meant to Be Broken, Layers of Lies


Joe Leone - Producer



Paula Cunha - Key Cast “Woman ”


Specter - 3:00

A student falls asleep in a study hall and is awakened by a mysterious voice.


Student Production

Country - United States

Language - English


Jesse Hanna - Director


Jesse Hanna - Writer


Ryan Noh - Producer


Anthony Martino - Key Cast


Don't Look Under Your Bed - 4:04

Someone moves from one apartment to another and it leads to some disastrous consequences, as things that go bump in the night are not merely dreams...

Student Production

Country - Australia

Language - English

Director Biography - Radheya Jegatheva

Radheya Jegatheva is a young Perth based Australian filmmaker who was born in Johor, Malaysia in 1999 to parents of South Korean and Malaysian ancestry. He completed Year 12 at Perth Modern School in Western Australia in 2016 and has just commenced his first year at Curtin University.

Radheya's skill set cuts across a number of creative areas and he has won prizes for his creations in the fields of writing, poetry, art and film making, among others. 


Radheya Jegatheva - Director


Radheya Jegatheva - Writer


Radheya Jegatheva - Producer


Jay Jay Jegathesan - Producer


Menso Jagtenberg - Key Cast



A family finds out a lost old photography camera, but it's cursed: It links our realty to an evil dimension. The father try to take a picture of his wife and son, but he just get a ghost get freed.

Country - Spain

Language - Spanish

Poster souvenir-cartel-3.jpg
Director Biography - Eitán Sandom

Started in Art production (Day and Knight, Alatriste, Manolete, The dictator) before studying filmmaking


Eitán Sandom - Director

Eitán Sandom - Writer

Blanca García - Producer

Javier Peña - Key Cast

Juani Tenorio - Key Cast


Eva Velasco - Key Cast

Alex Manzanares - Key Cast


Poster 0100001.jpg

In a park, a girl sends a message to her boyfriend. Something interrupts her.

Country - Spain

Language - Spanish

Director Biography - Cristina Lladosa, Joaquín Vallet

Film critic and director of short films Joaquín Vallet was born in Valencia on January 23 , 1978. Author of several books about cinema, including those dedicated to Joseph Losey (Ed. Cátedra, 2010) and Terence Fisher (Ed. Cátedra, 2013), his short films have won awards at festivals like Cinema Jove or Tirant Awards. Currently preparing his first film: "El alba rota".

Headshot 13973_CE1.jpg

Joaquín Vallet - Producer


Cristina Lladosa - Key Cast


Jairo Sobrino - Key Cast

Sonia Martell - Key Cast

Photo 1 0100001_2.jpg

Cristina Lladosa - Director


Joaquín Vallet - Director


Cristina Lladosa - Writer


Joaquín Vallet - Writer

From Delusion Til Fear - 4:44

Young girl is sleeping in murder. 
With a cry of sleep, he will rise up, and again encounter his body. 
We hear the cry of the girl. At that very moment, the man rises from sleep, but he encounters a young woman's body, and we hear the cry of a man screaming from the city

Country - Islamic Republic of Iran

Language - English

Director Biography - Iman Davari

I am an Iranian screenwriter, currently residing in Iran. I have been an active screenwriter since 2009 and have written over fifty screenplays. I have also produced three short movies. Several of my screenplays, in particular the ones written in the past two years, have won major international screenplay competitions. In addition to these, one of my screenplays named "The chess of life" has published as a book.

Friday night, a teenage boy is chilling home alone, scrolling through his social media. A killer is on the loose. Will he survive?

Photo 2 Still_2.jpg

Country - Greece

Language - English

Director Biography - Sotiris Petridis, Dimitris Tsakaleas

Sotiris Petridis is a PostDoc Researcher and an Adjunct Professor in Film Studies at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He holds a bachelor's degree in Film Studies (Aristotle University), a master's degree in Art, Law and Economy (International Hellenic University), and a PhD in Film Studies (Aristotle University). His four previous films as a producer and screenwriter were officially selected by more than 200 International Film Festivals around the world, including countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, UK, Italy, Greece, India, Sweden, Morocco and Cyprus. He is currently in post-production as a producer/screenwriter in his first feature film, Scopophilia (90’, 2018).

Dimitris Tsakaleas is a filmmaker based on Thessaloniki, Greece, while he is studying filmmaking at Aristotle University. During the summer of 2014 he studied filmmaking at the London Film Academy (Short Courses). He is a producer/executive producer of several films, such as Liveloula (short film, 2015), Naked Bodies (short film, 2016), Scopophilia (feature film, 2017), iCon (short film, 2017), and Emoticon Man (short film, 2017). During the summer of 2016 he participated in Sarajevo Talents, a program that was founded in collaboration of Sarajevo International Film Festival with Berlin International Film Festival and Berlinale Talents. Also, he served as a producer at a documentary mini-series that was part of the 57th Thessaloniki International Film Festival.


Sotiris Petridis - Director


Dimitris Tsakaleas - Director


Sotiris Petridis - Writer

Sotiris Petridis - Producer


Dimitris Tsakaleas - Producer


Nathan Baesel - Key Cast

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon


Apostolos Kolitsas - Key Cast

No Going Back - 2:21
Poster ef1d88fa03-poster.jpg

A mysterious woman hires our unnamed protagonist to recover her stolen black rooster. Accepting her offer means there's no going back. 
'No Going Back' is a video music produced for the county-punk band 'The Yawpers'.

Country - Brazil

Language - English

Director Biography - Matias Vellutini

Matias Vellutini is an American-Brazilian director and composer who after 30 years living in the United States, moved to Brazil in 2012 - hired by renown commercial director Jarbas Agnelli to direct commercials at his company AD Studio. 
He has also written and directed shorts such as Chaplin SP, Alki & Me, the official music videos for the american rock band “The Yawpers” and for the electronic artist “Altermauz”. 
Matias studied cinema and received his master’s degree in experimental electronic music at the University of California, Irvine in 2011.


Matias Vellutini  - Director


Matias Vellutini - Producer


Tatiana Helmer - Producer


Cleber Galo - Key Cast


Juliana Calderón - Key Cast


Eduardo Makino - Cinematographer


Marçal Souza - Production Manager


Finding mom can be scary.

Country - United States

Language - English


Thomas Moore - Director

Ruination, Broken Contentment

Thomas Moore - Writer

Ruination, Broken Contentment

Thomas Moore - Producer

Ruination, Broken Contentment

Jensen Moore - Key Cast

Rayn Lain - Key Cast



Set in an 80's elementary school, our film tells the story about a mutated potato clock that rises from death in a stormy day to get revenge on the cafeteria's lunch lady who is chopping potatoes, creatures of his own kind.

Student Production

Country - United States

Language - English


Director - Victoria Lopez, Ji young Na

Live Feed  - 3:59

The butchery consequences of a sneaky husband's midnight snacking.

Country - United States

Language - English

Director - Mario G. Lopez
Poster I_Baked_Him_a_Cake_-_Official_Pos

Lenora, a young girl, wakes up excited to bake her father his favorite cake on his birthday. As Lenora bakes, she notices strange behavior from Mom. Meanwhile, Dad isn't home yet and it's growing late...

Women In Horror

Country - United States

Language - English

Vanessa Ionta Wright is a film director and producer based in the metro Atlanta, GA region. She is the owner of Above the Line Artistry as well as the co-founder and Festival Director of the Women in Horror Film Festival (www.wihff.com).

Vanessa recently collaborated with Mark Simon (One Missed Call), David Irwin (House of 1000 Corpses), Josh Oliver (Oculus) on her 2nd film with writer/producer Samantha Kolesnik, "RAINY SEASON". I BAKED HIM A CAKE is the pair's first film together.

Vanessa graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Video Production & Film. She is a lifelong fan of cinema, most especially the horror genre.

Headshot 17571021_10211861477672879_1500

Vanessa Ionta Wright - Director

Rainy Season

Samantha Kolesnik - Writer

The Price of Bones, Rainy Season

Stephanie Wyatt - Producer

Bela Attila Kovacs - Producer

Michael Sherry - Producer

Samantha Kolesnik - Producer

Evgenii Kolesnik - Producer

Lillian Gray - Key Cast

Fleece - Key Cast


Henrik A. Meyer - Director of Photography

Brandon Taylor - Editor

Rainy Season, Death House, The Price of Bones

Emily Chomuik - Art Director

Michael Stuart - Sound Mixer

Michael Sherry - Colorist

Ross Childress - Composer

Nadine Al-Remaizan - Special Effects Artist

Rainy Season

Sean Hamilton - Sound Recordist

Michael Sherry - 1st Assistant Camera

Bela Attila Kovacs - 2nd Assistant Camera

Poster SAVE-poster-premios-p.jpg

Dawns . A baby breaks the silence .

Country - Germany, Spain

Language - German

Director Biography - Iván Sáinz-Pardo

ván Sáinz-Pardo (Madrid, 1972) is licensed in direction of cinema and television by the prestigious School of Cinema of Munich (HFF MÜNCHEN).
With only a handful of shorts and more than 150 prizes in film festivals of the whole world, he has monopolized the attention and the international recognition of the public and the critique. 
He has got a prenomination to the Academy Awards (Oscar), one nomination to the "Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis" (German Oscar) for "Schneckentraum" and the prize for the best European short with "Simones Labyrinth" in the International Festival of Fantastic Cinema of Brussels. It won also the "Shocking Shorts Awards " as best short in Germany and Sainz-Pardo was invited to make a Film Master in Universal Studios in Los Angeles. 
Recently works as Content Manager of Stock Footage in Framepool, works as filmmaker and prepares his first feature film debut.


Iván Sáinz-Pardo - Director

Iván Sáinz-Pardo - Writer

Iván Sáinz-Pardo - Producer

Josephine Ehlert - Key Cast

Roland von Kummant - Key Cast

Mia von Kummant - Key Cast

Philipp Fabian Kölmel - Music

Iván Sáinz-Pardo - Cut

Iván Sáinz-Pardo - DOP


A man fears the dark and his enemy

Country - Austria

Language - English

Perica Antov is a Filmmaker from Vienna (Austria). 
He is known for his Talent to make High Quality Shortfilms with almost no Budget.


After desperately praying for a way of escaping her suffocating financial debt, Clare awakens to find herself out the front of a quaint cottage, and straight away believes this place is here to help her. But once inside things quickly unravel, and Clare soon realises that this is not the place to help her but somewhere much more sinister.

Country - Australia

Language - English

Women In Horror

Lyndsay Sarah Doyle is an Irish-Australian writer, director and filmmaker. She has been involved in television, film and theatre since a young age; either writing, directing, producing, acting, or in a post production capacity. She launched her own indie production company, RumRunnerFilms, in 2012 and has been working on creating exciting and engaging projects since.

Her debut short film 'The One' had much success in the film festival circuit internationally, winning the 'Best Woman Filmmaker' in the Chandler international Film Festival in Arizona, 'Best Actress' award in EuroFest in St Petersburg and Yes! Let's Make a Movie Film Festival in Quebec, and becoming a Finalist in the LA Cinefest.

Lyndsay has also had success with her writing projects, including becoming a finalist for her short thriller 'Isle', in the Cinequest Short Screenplay Competition and WeScreenplay Short Screenplay Fund.

Lyndsay has recently completed her first short documentary project 'Vegan Story', interviewing 40 people who made the switch to a vegan diet and lifestyle. And is in the process of writing her first feature film script for the Australian production house Digital Realm, due to start production in mid-2018.


Lyndsay Sarah Doyle - Director

Vegan Story, The One, Cradle, Trail, Grace

Lyndsay Sarah Doyle - Writer

Infamy (pre-production), Vegan Story, The One, Cradle, Trail, Grace

Lyndsay Sarah Doyle - Producer

Vegan Story, The One, Cradle, Trail, Grace


Celia Kelly - Key Cast

Janet Shay - Key Cast

Karl Jenner - Director of Photography

The Veiled, House Call, The Novak Chronicles, Bonnets & Britches


The bloody glittery adventures of a serial killer pairs of lovers.

Women In Horror

Country - Canada

Language - French

Cassandre Émanuel is a passionate multidisciplinary artist. Originally from Abitibi, the Actress, playwrighter, director and producer had a personal and varied path. Since graduating from the theater school in 2012, she has taken part in several projects, including Denis Côté's feature film Que ta joie demeure, the popular Tv show District 31, as well as the web series Trak on Vrak.TV. 
With regard to the theater, she played, among other things, the title role in Ondinok's play Métusse. Still in theater, she has written and staged, amoug others, the play And the lovers will have cataracts. Her play Monsieur Victor won best Francophone production at the Frankie Prize 2012. 
As for the realization, she realized the short film Brandy. Cassandre Émanuel is currently nominated for Best director for her docu -fiction Les jumeaux dizygotes who is presented in internationals films festivals. 
In respect of music videos, she directed Comme Douze by Simon Kingbury, nominated for video of the year at Gamiq 2017. She realized as well Gang de rang by Elexir de Gumbo winner of Best Music Video at LA Edge Film Awards 2018. Her Music Video Longtemps by Mauves was presented in a dozen international festivals and was nominated several times. 
The video also won the Best Music Video Award at the Feel The Reel Film Festival 2018. 
Concerning her work in cinema, Cassandre Émanuel is currently working on the production of her first feature film Le Règne éphémère. 


Cassandre Émanuel - Director

Cassandre Émanuel - Writer

Adlitteram - Producer


Jeanne Roux-Côté - Key Cast


Simon Kingsbury - Key Cast


Jean-Benoît Duval - Key Cast

“Orange guy”

Cassandre Émanuel - Key Cast



A man that dismembers bodies finds his life in danger when one of the corpses isn't really dead.

Country - Portugal

Language - Portuguese


David Barros - Director

David Barros - Writer


André Henriques - Producer


David Barros - Producer


Telmo Bento - Key Cast

João Rebelo - Key Cast

Poster cc7ee36860-poster.jpg

Clarey and Boyd take a trip to get away from all the stress back home, but are slightly lost. They stop to ask an interesting chap for directions.

Country - United Kingdom

Language - English

Headshot 8f1b7fa0d2-headshot.jpg

Daniel Harding - Director

Punch Bag, The Missing Hand, Two Pound Forty Pence

Daniel Harding - Writer

Punch Bag, The Missing Hand, Two Pound Forty Pence


Neil James - Key Cast

Sophie Dearlove - Key Cast

Jack Kristiansen - Key Cast


dark comedy about a girl about to go on a date in a post zombie apocalypse world.

Country - United Kingdom

Language - English


James Atkins - Director

James Atkins - Writer

James Atkins - Producer

Jessica Sargent - Key Cast

Marcus Kinsella - Key Cast

The Water's Edge - 1:59

A dog walk along a lake takes an unexpected turn with a shocking discovery beneath the water's surface. Everything is not quite what it seems....

Country - United Kingdom

Language - English

Director Biography - Nick Sneath

Nick Sneath is a commercials director who specialises in underwater, beauty & VFX.


Nick Sneath - Director


Nick Sneath - Writer


Nick Sneath - Producer


Rich Stevenson - Producer


Imogen Rose Crew - Key Cast


Jack Armstrong - Key Cast

Sofia invokes the spirit of"Bloody Mary."

Student Production

Country - United States

Language - English


Jean Gotay - Director

Parting Ways

Erika Ramirez - Director

AJ Scherkenbach - Writer

Parting Ways, Swiping Right, Lil'Red

AJ Scherkenbach - Producer

Parting Ways, Swiping Right, Lil'Red

Erika Ramirez - Producer

Parting Ways

Aledria Pangelinan - Key Cast


Lisara Pangelinan - Key Cast



Phoenix Scherkenbach - Key Cast


Chrisel Scherkenbach - Key Cast

“Jessica's Mother”

Bill Scherkenbach - Key Cast

“Sophie's Father”

Morgan Cepero - Key Cast

“Bloody Mary”


Jeff Kaminski - Director

Team Proof, Jawffice

Steve Holbert - Writer

Jill Brennan - Writer

Jeff Kaminski - Writer

Allegra Deneroff - Producer

Natasha Gleichmann - Key Cast

Steve Holbert - Key Cast

Allegra Deneroff - Key Cast

Country - United States

Language - American Sign Language

A first date goes tragically wrong when young teens play a game of "What scares you?"

Country - United States

Language - English

Director Biography - Calvin Morie McCarthy

Calvin Morié McCarthy was born April 28th 1992 and raised in Vancouver WA. He began his career as an actor at age 16 playing Romeo in his high school theater production of "Romeo and Juliet". He has appeared in such films as "the Adults in the room", "Lake Noir" and "A House A Home". Calvin has gone on to direct two feature films, "3 flies in a widow's web" and "Bedtimescarries.com". Calvin also directed and produced the documentary "Manos: a conversation with Jackie Neyman".


An office worker tries to cope with an unwelcome visitor.

Country - Canada

Language - English


Elvis Deane - Director

Automate, Blindfold, Maid of Slaughter


Elvis Deane - Writer


James Deane - Producer



Nigel Middelkamp - Key Cast

“The Visitor”


Elvis Deane - Key Cast

“The Office Worker”

Phi Theta Daemon - 3:18

Two sorority sisters attempt to summon a demon from an old book.

Student Production 

Country - United States

Language - English


Oswald Barrios - Director


Oswald Barrios - Writer


Moises Quijada - Producer


Pedro Urena - Assisant Director


Zoe Helm - Key Cast

“Brenda ”


Sabrina Aziz - Key Cast

“Cindy ”


Tamara Chichian - Key Cast

“Demon ”


Lidiya Kan - Costumes & Set Design


Joseph Guavara - Script Supervisor


Julian Mejia - Sound


James Jestr - Sound Editor

Bloody Birthday - 4:26

For Vin’s birthday his older brother had a fabulous idea to surprise the young man with a present that will change their lives forever. This surprise makes Vin run around like mad.

Country - Germany

Language - English

Director Biography - Dieter Primig

Born 8 Oct 1985 in Austria

2005 – 2008 BA Media Produktion: University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Austria 
2008 – 2009 Junior Producer for Commercials: Kandoo Films, Los Angeles 
2010 – 2011 VFX Project Manager Roland Emmerich’s „Anonymous“ 
2011 – 2013 Art Director for Commercials & Ads: United Visions, Berlin 
2013 – now Freelance Director


Dieter Primig - Director


Dieter Primig - Writer


Paul Wolf - Producer

Joe Wiesenburger - Key Cast

Lucas Federhen - Key Cast

Horror House

The Warehouse

A Beautiful Place






Space Trash Bag

Off Kid

Mr. Snowflake

Find My Friend


A Quiet Room In Walthamstow



Besoin Dead

Those Who Can Die

Cindy's Birthday


There's No One Else Here

The Verity

And Nothing Hurt






The Slayings At Three Fork Road

Shock Therapy



Come To Me


Sleigh My Name

How To Carve A Pumpkin

Fright Corner

She Came From The Woods

The Clown Hitchiker




Jesus Won't Save You

Like Every Morning

The Last Seance

Devil Town

Seeing Green


The Barber's Cut


Long Live The Art!


Round Trip

Cat Box

The Wake

Murder Tag

The House On The Way Home

Every Day Is Like Sunday

She's All Wet

The Stay




Trapped Inside


Chateau Sauvignon: Terrior


Psychic Sue


A couple finds themselves stranded in an abandoned home only to discover a masked axe slinging murder rampaging throughout the Horror House.

Student Production

Country - United States

Language - English


Chad Maura - Director

Chad Maura - Writer

Melissa Kerley - Producer

Leo Ayrault - Producer

Melissa Kerley - Key Cast


Eric Kraus - Key Cast


Mary has gone missing for a few days. The young woman is slightly marginal, and this does not make things easy for the 3-cop team conducting the investigation. They question Old Sam, hoping to discover some interesting clues...

Country - France

Language - French

Stephen Bigot - Director

Stephen Bigot - Writer


Pierre Clouet - Writer


Castela Prod - Producer

David Salles - Key Cast

Patrick Rocca -Key Cast

Pauline Bression - Key Cast

Jean Fornerod - Key Cast


Danny Gulfman(Tony Moran), lays in bed sick, dying of cancer. An angelic woman named June Walters(Genevieve Graves) comes to him and at that moment, he knows his time has come. Danny begins to ask questions about where he is going, but knows that something is off. It's when he remembers who this woman is, he realizes his fate isn't as promising as he once believed it to be. Lucifer(Robert Mukes) comes down for a final ruling. This is a classic of tale of how things aren't always as beautiful as they seem.

Country - United States

Language - English

Matthew, born and raised in San Jose had a dream of Directing Horror films since the age of 16. He moved to LA to pursue that dream in 2012. Since then has Directed/Wrote 2 films generating 6 Festival Acceptances for "Dementia 31" and 24 acceptances for his last film, "Toothless". Now has Directed and Co-Wrote a new film with a few of his childhood idols, Tony Moran (Halloween) and Robert Mukes (House of 1000 Corpses), "A Beautiful Place".

Matthew Vinaja - Director

Toothless, Dementia 31


Genevieve Graves - Writer


Matthew Vinaja  - (Co-Writer)  Writer

Toothless, Dementia 31


Tony Moran - Key Cast

“Danny Gulfman”

Halloween (Dir: John Carpenter)


Robert Mukes - Key Cast


House of 1000 Corpses (Dir: Rob Zombie)

Genevieve Graves - Key Cast

“June Walters”

Toothless (Dir:Matthew Vinaja


Missy Monster - Hair & Make Up


Nadia Nosferatu - Hair & Make Up


Steve Huff - Supporting Cast



Destiny Demented - Supporting Cast


Sabrina Seance - Supporting Cast


Alexandria Nylen - Supporting Cast


El-Creepo - Music

Craig Eustis - Editor

Survivor, American Ninja Warrior

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