In Production

To avoid large groups we're holding virtual auditions.  Check out the listings below for the current auditions.  Submit your audition via the form provided.

All Exploding Tarantula Entertainment film sets are working hard to keep our casts and crews safe.  Cast and crews are kept to a minimum.  Sets are thoroughly sanitized regularly by an experienced medical facility cleaning staff, and PPE are provided for our staff, cast, and crew.

While we are all eager to get back to work, the health and safety of everyone in our office and on our sets is our top priority.  Productions may be rescheduled if the Covid-19 health crisis requires.

Willis (Lead) Female 30s

Ethnicity : Any


Notes: She's prim and proper and perfect and every bit a mean girl

Pay : $50/Day Estimated3 Day Shoot

Carris (Lead) Female 30s

Ethnicity : Any


Notes: In the mean girls hierarchy Carris is second in command.  She's conniving and charming 

Pay : $50/Day Estimated 3 Day Shoot

Brunch Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Production Dates: Sept 23-26

Production Location: New York, NY

Cast will supply wardrobe

This off beat horror comedy reminds us of the importance of starting the day right

There are other non speaking roles

Megan (Lead) 30s

Ethnicity : Any


Notes :It's Mee-gan and that's the most relevant thing about her. 

Pay : $50/Day Estimated 3 Day Shoot

Jerry (Lead) 40s

Ethnicity: Any

Notes: Jerry is a middle aged middle manager cog in a machine.  He's as boring and run down as they come.

Pay: $200

Coming Up 7s

Production Dates: October 6 - 11

Production Location: Southeast KY

In this fast paced thriller Jerry must find a way to survive a life that seemed just a little too lucky.

We encourage all ages, genders, and ethnicities to audition for roles as extras

Reverend Everrt

Ethnicity: White

Notes: A charismatic fire and brimstone holy roller southern preacher

Pay: $50

Abigail (Lead) 16

Ethnicity: Any

Notes: An out going and religious teen who is a devout believer and passionately shares her faith

Pay: $50

Filled With The Holy Spirit

Production Dates: October 19 - 28

Production Location: Eastern Missouri

In a world of sin an debauchery the holy spirit can save man kind.  Reverend Evertt is on a mission to make sure everyone is filled with the holy matter what.

There are many supporting and background roles for which we encourage everyone to audition.

Alicia (Lead) Early 20s

Ethnicity: Any

Notes: Abigail's older sister.  She is the exact opposite of her sister.

Pay: $50

Various Members of the Congregation

Ethnicities: Various

Notes: These are members of Reverend Evertt's congregation.  They are fire and brimstone believers

Pay: Unpaid supporting roles


Ethnicity: Any

Notes: Two day shoot part of the time will be in the woods.  SFX makeup for parts of the shoot

Pay: Unpaid/Non Union


Production Dates: September 11-12

Production Location: Parkersburg, WV

She tried to hide from the zombies only to find they weren't interested in her.


Ethnicity: Any

Notes: One day shoot no SFX makeup

Pay: Unpaid/Non Union


Ethnicity: Any

Notes:  Multiple zombies needed. One day shoot.  SFX makeup required. 

Some wardrobe items will be available.  Bring own wardrobe if possible.  Clothes maybe stained or torn.

Food provided on set.

Pay: Unpaid/Non Union