The current Covid-19 pandemic may have cancelled our usual summer workshops, but that doesn't slow us down!  Just because the school schedule for students is unpredictable right now doesn't mean learning is on hiatus. 


Our commitment to young film makers remains unchanged!  That's why we're bringing our workshops online for students around the world to continue pursuing their passions and learning essentials skills for the entertainment industry. 


Explore the courses below and help your student get started today with an exciting and enriching course in the arts.


Intro To Film Making

May 3 - June 7

Middle and High School students learn the foundation of film making while producing their own short film.



Film History

May 26 - June 30

Perfect for the high school student who loves film.  Students watch classic films and discuss the history of cinema



Reader's Theater

May 27 - June 24

Ideal for the aspiring performer.  Students learn art of reader's theater, gaining skills in acting, reading, and public speaking.