Convention and Festival

For years, Exploding Tarantula has hosted our acclaimed horror short film festival, Terror on the River.  We are excited to announce our festival is expanding!

The 2022 Festival will now be part of the Deep Focus Filmmaker Convention, a convention that aims to join together independent filmmakers while providing workshops on filmmaking, panel discussions, and industry professionals.

Summer Screams Theater.png

Internet streaming has given a platform to short films that until recently was unheard of.  It has allowed films too short for a theatrical release to find an audience, and the chance to be profitable.

Summer Screams Horror Short Film Festival brings together some of the best short horror films from around the world and presents to both our online audience and in person at a theatrical screening


What is Summer Screams?
The Summer Screams Short Film Festival is a festival that showcases horror films that are under 70 min. in run time.
Where can I submit my film?
Submissions are accepted via FilmFreeway.  Submissions open November 1, 2023.

Can I send you my film on DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS/Reel/Etc.

No.  We can only accept digital submissions online.

My film is a feature.  Is there a category for me?

This is a shorts only.  We accept films up to 70 minutes.

Summer Screams Short Film Festival was created to give a space to previously overlooked films, those too short for a theatrical release.

My film isn't in English.  Is that ok?

We accept films in any language.  If it isn't in English it must be subtitled in English.

How much does it cost to enter?

Entry fees vary based on when you submit.  Early bird submissions are free.  Last deadline submissions are $15.

I've blown my production budget and can't afford to enter.  Can I still get in free?

We do sometimes offer fee waivers.  Go ahead and ask

I can't have my film shown online.  Can I still enter for just the theater screening?

To introduce our artists to the largest audience possible all selections will stream as part of the online element of the festival.  We recognize that many festivals require a film not be available online until after that festival. Please consider this before submitting.  After official selections have been announced a film may not be withdrawn from the festival.  By submitting you agree that your film will be streamed online as part of the festival.

Does the festival have a premiere status requirement?

Nope.  It's perfectly fine if you're film has screened elsewhere. 

I review movies.  Can I get an early screening to review?

We accept applications for advance online screenings of films for review.  Apply here.

I'm with a media outlet and would like tickets to cover the event.

Complimentary tickets can be made available to journalists and media outlets.  Contact us to request tickets.

I'm with a media organization.  We'd like to discuss the event with you.

Media inquiries can be directed here.



What is the convention?

The Deep Focus Filmmakers Convention brings together beginner and established independent filmmakers to share knowledge and a love of filmmaking.

more information coming soon