History of Film

Ideal for older students, this six week course provides an overview of film history along with weekly discussions allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of the history and theory of cinema.

What is History of Film?

History of Film is a 12 week online course for high school students studying film theory and the history of cinema.

How does the course meet?

The class meets once a week for 12 weeks on Zoom.

What materials does my student need?

Students need a computer with a web cam and a high speed internet connection to participate in the Zoom meetings.  

Students will also need to be able to watch the assigned films each week online.  Films are available to stream on Amazon either through Prime or for digital rental and Old Movies, a smart phone app.

Will my student be graded?

No.  Students who participate each week receive a digital certificate

How is this different from summer workshop?

The summer workshop is designed to focus on a particular element of film history and theory.  This course spans 12 weeks and covers more history in greater depth.

Will my student have homework?

Each week students are required to watch the film for the following week's discussion and are expected to be prepared to discuss the film.

There are no written assignments to turn in.

What movies will my student watch?

The exact titles vary with each course, but students are required to watch a variety of films beginning with the silent era through more modern selections.  

Many of the films are unrated and some may be rated R.  This course is for older teens who are mature enough and comfortable watching a varied selection of films.


How do I register my student?

Use the Buy Now button below to securely pay with PayPal.  A student registration form will be sent to the email address you use with PayPal.