Reviewer Application

We've always been committed to working with emerging horror artist, and finding an audience for new work. That's why we started Terror On The River Horror Fest!


To continue our search for exciting undiscovered horror fans we're looking for horror fanatics who are interested in independently reviewing some of this year's Horror Fest selections.

If you would like to be considered for advanced access to this year's selections fill out the form below.

You can provide a written sample of your work in the space provided in the form or provide a link.  

For video samples provide a link.  If your video requires a password provide the password in the last box.

Selected reviewers will be provided links to films to review.  

Reviewers are independent and have no obligation to Exploding Tarantula Entertainment or Terror On The River Horror Fest.  Reviewers retain all rights to reviews.  

Exploding Tarantula Entertainment reserves the right to publish, distribute, and use for marketing and commercial purposes all reviews provided.  

Reviewers are granted early access to screen select films that have been chosen for the Terror On The River Horror Fest.  Reviewers may not share or screen these videos for anyone prior to the festival date, October 6, 2018.

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