2018 Selections

Every year our horror short film festival receives thousands of submissions, and our committed judges watch each and every one of them to ensure we're bringing you the best original horror entertainment!

The decisions are finally in.  Check out all of these amazing artists for new original horror films.

Micro Shorts
Extended Shorts
Shorts - 5 - 19 minutes

Horror House

The Warehouse

A Beautiful Place






Space Trash Bag

Off Kid

Mr. Snowflake

Find My Friend


A Quiet Room In Walthamstow



Besoin Dead

Those Who Can Die

Cindy's Birthday


There's No One Else Here

The Verity

And Nothing Hurt






The Slayings At Three Fork Road

Shock Therapy



Come To Me


Sleigh My Name

How To Carve A Pumpkin

Fright Corner

She Came From The Woods

The Clown Hitchiker




Jesus Won't Save You

Like Every Morning

The Last Seance

Devil Town

Seeing Green


The Barber's Cut


Long Live The Art!


Round Trip

Cat Box

The Wake

Murder Tag

The House On The Way Home

Every Day Is Like Sunday

She's All Wet

The Stay




Trapped Inside


Chateau Sauvignon: Terrior


Psychic Sue


A couple finds themselves stranded in an abandoned home only to discover a masked axe slinging murder rampaging throughout the Horror House.

Student Production

Country - United States

Language - English


Chad Maura - Director

Chad Maura - Writer

Melissa Kerley - Producer

Leo Ayrault - Producer

Melissa Kerley - Key Cast


Eric Kraus - Key Cast


Mary has gone missing for a few days. The young woman is slightly marginal, and this does not make things easy for the 3-cop team conducting the investigation. They question Old Sam, hoping to discover some interesting clues...

Country - France

Language - French

Stephen Bigot - Director

Stephen Bigot - Writer

Pierre Clouet - Writer

Castela Prod - Producer

David Salles - Key Cast

Patrick Rocca -Key Cast

Pauline Bression - Key Cast

Jean Fornerod - Key Cast

Poster d8757ebfcc-poster.jpg

Danny Gulfman(Tony Moran), lays in bed sick, dying of cancer. An angelic woman named June Walters(Genevieve Graves) comes to him and at that moment, he knows his time has come. Danny begins to ask questions about where he is going, but knows that something is off. It's when he remembers who this woman is, he realizes his fate isn't as promising as he once believed it to be. Lucifer(Robert Mukes) comes down for a final ruling. This is a classic of tale of how things aren't always as beautiful as they seem.

Country - United States

Language - English

Director Biography - Matthew Vinaja

Matthew, born and raised in San Jose had a dream of Directing Horror films since the age of 16. He moved to LA to pursue that dream in 2012. Since then has Directed/Wrote 2 films generating 6 Festival Acceptances for "Dementia 31" and 24 acceptances for his last film, "Toothless". Now has Directed and Co-Wrote a new film with a few of his childhood idols, Tony Moran (Halloween) and Robert Mukes (House of 1000 Corpses), "A Beautiful Place".

Matthew Vinaja - Director

Toothless, Dementia 31


Genevieve Graves - Writer


Matthew Vinaja  - (Co-Writer)  Writer

Toothless, Dementia 31


Tony Moran - Key Cast

“Danny Gulfman”

Halloween (Dir: John Carpenter)


Robert Mukes - Key Cast


House of 1000 Corpses (Dir: Rob Zombie)

Genevieve Graves - Key Cast

“June Walters”

Toothless (Dir:Matthew Vinaja


Missy Monster - Hair & Make Up


Nadia Nosferatu - Hair & Make Up


Steve Huff - Supporting Cast



Destiny Demented - Supporting Cast


Sabrina Seance - Supporting Cast


Alexandria Nylen - Supporting Cast


El-Creepo - Music

Craig Eustis - Editor

Survivor, American Ninja Warrior


Toothless is a story about a young mother who lost her husband and hasn't been able to date since. Finally deciding to start dating again, she is hesitant because her son has a loose tooth and doesn't want to miss out on the first Tooth Fairy experience. While away her son loses it, but who comes to get the tooth? The Tooth Fairy... right?

Country - United States

Language - English

Poster ee9b95f181-poster.jpg
Director Biography - Matthew Vinaja

Matthew Vinaja was born in San Jose California and moved out to Los Angeles to start his company, Coffin Girls LLC. CG is a Women In Horror Appreciation company that displays how talented and crucial Women are to the Horror genre. The Coffin Girls Act, Model, run a Podcast, do Horror con appearances and have a clothing line. 10% of everything we sell goes to charity!

Matthew Vinaja - Director

Dementia 31

Matthew Vinaja - Writer

Dementia 31

Vito Trabucco - Producer

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

Genevieve Graves - Key Cast


Annie Arachnid - Key Cast

Jason James - Key Cast


Chris Petullo - Key Cast

Steve Huff - Key Cast

Guity Gory - SPFX Artist

Missy Monster - Hair and Make Up

Destiny Demented - Assitant Editor


The story of a female documentary filmmaker who’s revealing the mystery of her husband’s idiosyncratic birthplace, Muhr in Austria, where a giant wooden totem called “The Samson”, brings death to the inhabitants and also threatens her unborn daughter, Emma.

Student Production

Country - Austria

Language - German

Poster 089cb23314-poster.jpg

Daniel Limmer - Director

Running for Two

David Neumayr - Producer

Ciera Danielle - Key Cast

Daniel Limmer was born in Hallein, Austria where he graduated from grammar school in 2007. In his teenage years he discovered his passion for filmmaking watching movies of any genre and producing fan fiction shorts with his friends. At this time he already attracted attention winning prizes at the local youth film festival “Klappe”. In 2011 he worked as production assistant for the feature film “OMAMAIA” and the well known German crime investigation series “TATORT”. During his studies at the University of Applied Sciences filmmaking department he was able to deepen his knowledge and also realized numerous shorts. In 2013 his short "PANTA RHEI" was awarded with the 1st price at the Instant36 film festival. In 2015 his short EMMA was awarded at CryptTv's #15SecondScare contest by Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino. Daniel is currently finishing his master program at the film department of the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg, Austria.

Poster 501ad787dc-poster.jpg

Something strange happened to this elevator. It goes up but remains on the same floor. The reality defies logic. The man is doomed to eternally run searching for his home. This odd world provides hints for chances to escape.

Student Production

Women In Horror

Country - Russian Federation

Language - Russian


Irina Guivan - Director


Nikita Vorozhischev - Writer

Dmitry Pervushin - Key Cast

Poster 4c4a6517cd-poster.jpg

A young Woman attempts to unravel the truth behind her hidden demons

Country - Ireland

Language - English

Steve grew up in ireland and after getting qualifications in Media Studies, radio Broadcasting and Audio media he went on to get his Degree in Media Studies from the University of southern Maine where he studied film making as a core of his degree.

Steve is the current CEO and a Director at DeepRed Productions in his home town of Cork and to date has been involved in over 70 different film projects around the world.

Outside of film making Steve has a keen interest in sports at coaches at his Local soccer club as well as being on the clubs committee.

His love for film came from his father who would introduce him to films at a very young age, Steve is influenced by directors such as David Fincher and Dario Argento and enjoys the horror genre above all else.

Steve is currently producing two short films as well as beginning to co-write a feature film based on the Comic book Drowned Cats with the author of the Comic.


Stephen Broekhuizen - Director

Darkness, souled out, Waves and many others

Stephen Broekhuizen - Writer

Phillip Connolly - Writer

Stephen Broekhuizen - Producer

Phillip Connolly - Producer

Emmet O'Brien - Producer


Cristina Ryan - Key Cast


Red Room, Follow the Dead

Alison O'Flynn - Key Cast


Light of my life

Diego Guzmán - Original Score


A 15 year-old girl named Izzy (Tara Redmond Van Rees) is left to her stepfather Thomas’ (Carlo Adamo) care when her mother makes an emergency trip to Europe. Following a violent event, Izzy is forced to take matters into her own hands to ensure her safety.

Country - Canada

Language - English

Poster dc0981a6d6-poster.jpg
Headshot 887576a223-headshot.jpg

Robert Misovic is a Toronto-based film director, producer, and screenwriter. Robert studied statistics and philosophy at the University of Toronto, and graduated in 2011. He grew up in Asia and Europe before immigrating to the United states with his parents. Following their death, Misovic began writing screenplays, short stories, and articles. He has authored nearly 200 articles, 14 screenplays, and written two books.

Misovic co-founded Pensare Films with composer Andjelika Javorina in 2016, and the pair co-founded the Pendance Film Festival in 2017. 

Robert Misovic - Director

The Intersection, Allurement, Nights of Contrition

Robert Misovic - Writer

Nights of Contrition, Tangerine Crossandra, Allurement

Andjelika Javorina - Producer

The Hallway, Nights of Contrition, Tangerine Crossandra

Robert Misovic - Producer

The Intersection, Allurement, Nights of Contrition, Penny

Tara Redmond Van Rees - Key Cast


Web of Lies, The Intersection

Carlo Adamo - Key Cast


Dead Genesis, Neverlost, The Intersection

Space Trash Bag - 7:00

The most unexpected creature arrives on earth from space to spread horror. Two detectives must stop it before it consumes its evil plan. 
Cosmic sex, death and blood in SPACE TRASH BAG !! 

Country - Spain

Language - 


Jose Casas - Director


José Casas and Javier Lozano - Writer


José Casas and Javier Lozano - Producer

Artichokes Piranha from the Prehistoric Abyss

Off Kid - 7:29

Sara is a twelve-year-old girl who wakes up lost and scared in a huge playground, when Pedro appears and forces her to play a weird cat and mouse game. Through a narrative full of metaphors, Sara must to face her greatest fears to solve the mystery and return to her normal life.

Country - Brazil

Language - Portuguese 

Director - João Folharini

João Folharini - Director


João Folharini - Writer


João Folharini - Producer


Raphael Carnelós - Producer


Cici Mazer - Key Cast


Gustavo Almeida - Key Cast


Rauany Farias - Art Director


Marcos Carvalho - Cinematographer


Paul and his friends are excited for their annual winter cabin weekend. Things take a dramatic turn when one of them goes missing, and a mysterious stuffed snowman seems to have a mind of its own.

Country - Canada

Language - English

Poster 6589172640-poster.jpg

Michael has a passion for creative endeavors, with a strong emphasis on film and technology. He is constantly fascinated by how many different ways people manage to stretch the limits of innovation to make stories come to life.

Having worked on many different projects in a large array of creative and technical roles, Michael tries to master all areas of the craft - both creative and technical.

His interests include cinema, environmentalism, science, world history, and Scotch.


Spencer O'Brien - Writer

Spencer O'Brien - Producer

Michael Tanton - Producer

Spencer O'Brien - Key Cast

“Paul Spence”


Reid Van Kuren - Key Cast

“James Van Buuren”


Greg George - Key Cast

“George Greggs”

Michael Tanton - Key Cast

“Alex Michaels”

Andrew Ahmed - Key Cast

“Mr. Snowflake (voice)”

Find My Friend - 8:00

A girl searches for her lost boyfriend while a danger lurks in the darkness.

Country - United States

Language - English

Director Biography - Allie Jake Rosen

I wasn't always the horror guy, I remember running from the theater when a trailer for Mama came on (I was 15). Something caught me though, around junior year of high school. It might've been the Exorcist, or The Conjuring but after that I couldn't get enough of horror movie. At school I'm called the horror guy, but I strive to tell fun and engaging stories as well as push my own limits as a filmmaker at my schools young film program.


Allie Jake Rosen - Director


Allie Jake Rosen - Writer


Emma Kay Krebs - Key Cast

“Rachel Harris”


Gaby Rodriguez - Key Cast

“Aria Harris”

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