Give your budding director the opportunity to start film school early!  Intro To Film Making takes our weekend summer workshop model and turns it into a six online course designed for mature middle school and high school students.

Throughout the six weeks students will learn the basics of making a short film while discussing the process with fellow students.


What is Smartphone Filmmaking?

Smartphone Filmmaking has been specifically designed for high school and mature middle school students to learn the basics of film making through producing their very own short film using a smartphone

What will my student learn during the course.

This introductory course guides students through the basics of maximizing their smartphones capabilities to shoot a film.

Throughout the weeks the class examines the foundation of film making including types of shots, angels, lighting, sound, and editing.

Each week the class covers new topics in film making through lecture, discussion, and videos.  Students work throughout the week on their own films and discuss their progress and problem solve with the class..


What experience does my student need?

None!  This course is an expanded version of our summer workshop that has been created for students of any experience level including no experience at all.

What kind of camera does my student need?

Any smartphone with a camera will do.

Does my student need any other equipment?

A computer with a webcam is essential.  Classes meet via Zoom once per week and students will need to attend the meetings.  Each student will also need to edit their film on a computer.  Any home computer or laptop will work for this.

Each student will also need video editing software. There are a variety of programs available for purchase as well as for free.  If your student is already familiar with a particular software its recommended your student use that platform.  If you need editing software there are free ones available.  DaVinci Resolve is a professional level program available for free.  It is more complicated than some, but offers the most features.  For a more simplistic version Movie Maker is more than sufficient for this introductory course.

A microphone is also recommended for recording audio.  Some affordable options are available on Amazon.

Will my student actually make a film?

Absolutely!  Every student completes a short film under 10 minutes in length. 

Who will see the films?

The final class meeting is a film festival showcasing all of the students' films.  The film festival will stream the films via Exploding Tarantula's YouTube channel.  The films remain available for thirty days so students can encourage friends and family to watch.  Once the festival is closed the students' films will no longer be available through Exploding Tarantula or this course.  

Will my student make a horror film?

Smartphone Filmmaking is designed to be appropriate for middle school and high school students.  

Students are free to make any film they choose.

Will my student be graded?

No.  Each student who attends the class meetings and turns in a completed film will receive a digital certificate of completion

Who teaches the course?

The course is taught by Britt Powell a leader in independent film making.  Britt has been festival director for the Summer Screams Horror Film Festival for the past six years.

She is an award winning writer, actor, and film maker who uses her experience to support students and independent film makers around the world.

How do I sign up my student?

Click the button below to pay securely with your credit card through PayPal.  A student registration form will be sent to the email address you used for PayPal.